Hera Lighting Introduces a Brand New Shelf Power System

The SPS is the easiest way to integrate lighting into gondola shelving. The new Shelf Power System works with any 24V LED lighting and allows you to quickly and effortlessly re-merchandise and reset shelving displays without altering the lighting in any way.

Benefits of this new system are quick shelving changes, flexibility, fast installation, and it is aesthetically pleasing with no visible wires. Power Track is designed for Lozier gondolas with other track designs available. Tracks are available in two lengths: 72” and 96”. Different lengths can be achieved by cutting to size.

Hera Lighting is one of the leading cabinet, furniture and display lighting companies in the United States today.

For more information, contact Jenna Kaba at (800) 336-4372 or jk@heralighting.com.