Hera Lighting Donates LEDs to Habitat for Humanity

Norcross, GA – July 1, 2015 – LED technology is changing and improving at the speed of light. At Hera, we do everything we can to provide the most current and powerful products to our customers, and it has always been one of our top strategies. While that’s obviously good on one side of the coin, it also offers a challenge in that our antiquated list continues to grow. Obviously, that’s a negative. Or is it?

Recently, Hera Lighting donated over $40,000 of discontinued inventory to Habitat for Humanity. While it was a net loss to our balance sheet, we feel it was a win by putting our loss to good use via one of the best charities conceived. Hera is committed to continuing to donate lighting fixtures to charity as new products are introduced and older ones are slowly phased out.

Hera Lighting is one of the leading cabinet, furniture and display lighting companies in the United States today.


For more information, contact Jenna Kaba at(800) 336-4372