SPS | Product Features

Step 1: Insert power track into gondola
Step 2: Attach magnetic Power Terminal onto shelf and insert into gondola
Step 3: Plug lighting into Shelf Power Cord
Step 4: Plug Power Terminal into gondola and driver into outlet


• Power Track is designed for Lozier gondolas with other track designs available

• Track available in two lengths: 72” and 96”. Different lengths can be achieved
   by cutting to size

• System consists of several parts, depending on the type of lighting used:

    • Top Cap

    • Power Track

    • Power Terminal

    • LED Driver

    • Connecting Plug “Right”

    • Connecting Plug “Left”

    • Shelf Power Cords

    • Stick2-LED, StickVE-LED, Stick3-LED, TwinStick2-LED or TwinStick2HO-LED

    • Magnetic mounting clips