New Product Launches!



E-Lite 2

Hera Lighting is excited to announce the following new lighting products added to our product line!

QPad-LED LPad-LED E-Lite2

7.8W Low Profile Surface-Mounted
LED Spotlight

This energy-saving surface mounted spotlight has an extremely high light output. Its ultra-sleek, contemporary design makes it the perfect choice for retail displays, under cabinets and in bathrooms.

7.8W Low Profile Surface-Mounted
LED Spotlight

Pure & elegant design combined with sophisticated materials and brilliant color finishes makes this LED spotlight an incomparable eyecatcher. Available with an optional touchless
IR switch .

Economically Priced, Compact Grounded Fluorescent Light Fixture

E-Lite2 is ideal for installation in residential applications as well as lower end or temporary displays. E-Lite2 features many SlimLite XL benefits (connectivity, integrated ballast, small dimensions) at a lower overall quality level.


Also Available!

Magnetic Mounting Clips for Stick2-LED STICK2/MC/MAGNET

Inline Dimmer Switch for Stick2-LED
and TwinStick2-LED

• 4 position light level  
• 100%, 50%, 25%, off