LED Lighting Systems in Product Displays

With modern advances in LED lighting technology, it has become possible to incorporate lighting in designs that simply were not feasible with traditional light sources. While we are under increasing regulations for reducing our...[mehr]


Department Store Lighting Plays a Crucial Role in Buying Decisions

Department stores remain one of the most trusted retail outlets for customers looking for a wide variety of products competitively priced in an environment enhanced by a department store lighting style that makes shopping a happy...[mehr]


American and 2 Japanese Physicists Share Nobel for Work on LED Lights

Three physicists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for revolutionizing the way the world is lighted. The 2014 physics award went to Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Japan and Shuji Nakamura of the University of California,...[mehr]


Brilliant Ways To Use Lighting

Good lighting can do more than simply illuminate your store. A.R.E. Design Awards judges have been rewarding shining examples of lighting for the past five years. Here, they shed light on nine...[mehr]


The Exciting Tipping Point in Retail Illumination!

When it comes to the physical and visual perception of our environments, we can all agree that lighting plays a major role. We are at an exciting tipping point in the illumination of retail environments. The cost of...[mehr]


The 5 Rules of Retail

Lighting, as part of the store experience, is playing an increasingly important role in creating visually distinctive selling spaces. David Dalziel, creative director of Dalziel and Pow, store design...[mehr]


LED Lighting Offers New Opportunities

Considered by some to be the next revolution in cabinetry, LED lighting is changing the world of cabinet design, while pumping up profits for professionals.[mehr]


ROI in the Real World

Industry execs meet to discuss the real-world value - and challenges - of measuring ROI in retail environments! About two dozen retailer and design firm executives gathered for A.R.E.’s first ROI roundtable to discuss the...[mehr]


Get Your ROI Groove On

WOW! There’s nothing like a good solid definition of ROI to get you up and running in the morning, right? Not! In the world of retail environments, how many people do you know who pay attention to the subject of...[mehr]


One of the biggest challenge for retailers is to increase sales per customer while decreasing costs as the same time. Merchant Mechanics conducted a study which shows the importance of retail lighting and how it attracts...[mehr]


"Lighting is one of the most undervalued ways retailers can enhance what they are doing in the store," said Paul Pizzini, director of design for Miller Zell Inc. Read Full Article Here[mehr]


"Green Design"

Hera Lighting shows ways that "Green Design" can enhance your Bottom Line Read Full Article Here[mehr]


Lighting: Its Effect on People and Spaces

So, you want to know more about the psychological effects of lighting? Here is an interesting article on: Lighting: Its Effect on People and Spaces Read Full Article Here[mehr]


Reveal the challenges, technologies and trends that are shedding light on today’s retail environments. Article reprint from DDI April/May, 21010[mehr]


"Planning for More Sustainable Lighting"

Article in A.R.E Retail Environments Magazine written by Hera's Director of Sales, Brad Stewart.[mehr]