Frequently Asked Questions – Halogen

  1. Are Hera Lights listed?
    YES. To be listed, the complete system must be tested and approved, not just the components like the transformer. Hera has the complete systems tested and listed.
  2. Can the transformer be hardwired?
    YES. Both of Hera's electronic transformers the UC-60FT and the UE-E60FTare made with the option of hardwiring by a licensed electrician.
  3. What wattages are available for the Hera Halogen fixtures? 
    All Halogen fixtures are available in both 10 or 20 watts except EH24, 20W only, and the Arclamp in 20, 35, 50 watt.
  4. Can these lights be dimmed?
    YES. All of Hera’s electronic transformers can be dimmed with standard dimmers. Hera also makes a touch dimmer ETD1 and a rotary dimmer ERD1 which are especially made for installation in furniture and cabinets and which plug into a standard electrical outlet. Each of these dimmers is rated for up to 300 watts and can handle as many as five transformers, which 3 can be plugged directly into the dimmer.
  5. How many lights can I get on a transformer? 
    Because of requirements in the National Electrical Code transformers for this type of lighting are limited to 60 watts per output. Therefore you can put up to three 20 watt fixtures or six 10 watt fixtures per output (UK-120TW has two). Transformers do not require a minimum load.
    NOTE: When using twelve 10 watt fixtures two NVK 64 terminal block are needed to keep the system modular and expand the number of spaces on the existing terminal blocks.
  6. How can I conceal the cables if I surface mount the fixtures?
    Part of our accessories includes a wire management system. This system will hold a cable tight against the bottom of the cabinet.
  7. How far apart should I space the fixtures?
    Typically, under cabinet halogen lighting should be spaced a minimum of 6" apart and a maximum of 20". For best lighting center-to-center spacing should be 19". However, add extra lights to desired light output.
  8. Do these fixtures have a glass lens? 
    YES. All Hera fixtures have a glass lens except for the Arclamp and the EH24, which have a light bulb that includes a glass lens.
  9. How do I switch the halogen fixtures on and off?
    The best way to switch these halogen fixtures is to have a switched duplex receptacle installed above the cabinet. An in-line roller switch, a walldimmer, Hera's dimmers or any other type of switch can be used. All switching should be done on the 120 volt side of the transformer.