Frequently Asked Questions – LED

  1. Are all Hera LED Lights listed?
    YES. All Hera products meet and exceed US safety standards and are UL/CUL listed.
  2. In what wattages are HERA LED Lights available?
    Hera LEDs vary in wattage from 1W (Eye-LEDEco-LEDFlex-LED and Tape-LED which is only 8W to our Big6-LED which uses 6W and the brand new SlimLite XL-LED which uses 14.5W for 4" of light. Stick2-LEDs use between 1.6W - 2.4W so all our LEDs are extremely energy efficent.
  3. What power supply should be used?
    Use only Hera Model PSLED/A power supply or StickPS24 depending on the LEDs being used.
    TBLED/A is used to connect multiple LEDs to the power supply.
  4. What watt loads will the PSLED carry? StickPS24?
    The PSLED/A can power 1 watt through 9 watt loads, PSLED/18 can carry up to 18W. The latest StickPS24/75 can carry up to 75W of LEDs on one driver.
  5. Can the LED lights be dimmed?
    Yes. Almost all of our LEDs are dimmable with optional accesories.
  6. What is the LED bulb life?
    LED lights do not use bulbs. The Light Emitting Diode is an electronic component that will emit its highest light output for 50,000 hours.
  7. How does Hera achieve consistent color temperatures?
    Hera uses only the top bin code Luxeon LEDs. We manage binning by marking bin codes on the product itself as well as the packaging.