Frequently Asked Questions – SlimLite XL

  1. What size does the SlimLite XL come in?
    ES12, 8 watt, 12 7/8"
    ES22, 14 watt, 23 1/8"
    ES34, 21 watt, 34 7/8"
    ES46, 28 watt, 46 3/4"
    ES59, 35 watt, 58 7/16"

  2. Can the SlimLite XL be hardwired?
    YES. A hardwire adapter with or without switch is available.

  3. Where can replacement bulbs be found?
    Replacement bulbs are available from authorized Hera distributors.
    Other manufacturer T5 bulbs of the same wattage can be used.

  4. How many SlimLite XL can be connected together?
    A total of 41 of the ES12, 41 of the ES22, 29 of the ES34, 23 of the ES46, 18 of the ES59.

  5. Can a combination of sizes be connected together?
    Yes. You can connect any size SlimLite XL with direct connectors or connecting cables, but not exceeding 686 fixture watts on a single power feed.

  6. What color Lamps are available?
    The lamps are stocked in 3000K (Warm White) and 4000K (Cool White).  3500K (Neutral White) is available as special order.

  7. Can the SlimLite XL be dimmed?

  8. What is the life of the SlimLite XL bulb?
    Hera supplies premium Osram Sylvania bulbs rated at 20,000 hours.


SlimLite XL