Frequently Asked Questions – SlimLite

  1. What size does the SlimLite come in?
    SlimLite comes in a 20"-18 watt, 13"-10 watt and 10"-7 watt.
  2. Can the SlimLite be hardwired?
    Yes. A hardwire adapter with and without switch is available.
  3. Is the bulb replaceable on the new SlimLite? 
    YES. On the new SlimLite the bulb is replaceable. These bulbs can be manufactured by Hera Lighting only. This is a special lamp made especially for SlimLite and is not available from any other manufacturer. However, they may be purchased from Hera Lighting distributors coast to coast.
  4. How many SlimLites can be connected together?
    A total of 155 lamp watts can be connected together which equates to 8 of the 20" fixtures, 15 of the 10 watt fixtures, and 22 of the 7 watt fixtures or combinations which should not exceed 155 lamp watts.
  5. Can a combination of sizes be connected together? 
    YES. You can connect any SlimLite sizes with connecting cables or direct connectors, but not exceeding 155 lamp watts.
  6. What colors of lamps are available?
    The lamps are available in Cool White (4100K) and Warm White (3450K).
  7. Can SlimLite be dimmed?
  8. What is the life of the SlimLite bulb? 
    10,000 hours. In a typical residential application at 3 hours a day it equals to a lamp life of about seven years.