Not all LEDs are created equal


Why you should use Hera Lighting LEDs
 is the buzz word in the lighting industry today. This new technology, properly engineered, is extremely exciting and offers major benefits for the end user. However, the market is currently being flooded with low quality, inferior LED products which do not fulfill expectations. They burn out prematurely, don’t provide the necessary light output or have a very low CRI (color rendition index).
With decades of lighting experience, Hera Lighting engineers design LEDs using only the highest quality components. To enjoy the maximum benefit of LED technology, this is especially important. By using top quality diodes and high-end components, we are able to deliver all benefits of this technology:

No more maintenance
Hera uses only high quality LEDs, most with a usable lifetime of at least 50,000 hrs. Unlike incandescent bulbs which burn-out abruptly LEDs fail by dimming over time. This extremely long lifetime basically eliminates bulb changes; your savings are obvious.

Major energy savings
Hera LEDs require very little energy compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs resulting in significantly lower energy costs for the user. Since our LED spotlights do not generate any heat they also help to reduce HVAC costs.

No more liability concerns
Hera LED spotlights do not generate any heat. They stay cool to the touch which makes them a very safe light source in retail environments (customers can’t burn their fingers). They are also ideal for illuminating heat sensitive products such as chocolate or cosmetics.

Significantly less shrinkage
Hera LED spotlights do not generate any Infrared or Ultraviolet Radiation. You can illuminate your most sensitive products, artwork or collectibles without any risk of fading or damage from the light.

Perfect Illumination
Hera only uses the latest generation High Power LEDs. These LEDs are manufactured by reputable suppliers such as Luxeon and Osram. They provide the highest possible light output in the industry. Their efficiency is currently between 40 – 60 lm/W. It is expected that these LEDs will have an efficiency of 80 lm/W by the end of 2007. All Hera LEDs are available in cool white (5,500 K) or warm white (3,200 K) to provide the right color temperature for every application.

A designer’s dream
All of Hera’s LED light fixtures are extremely small and compact. They don’t require any additional ventilation spaces and can virtually be installed everywhere. This allows designers to be very creative. Lighting can be added in areas where it was impossible in the past.

No more broken light bulbs
LEDs are built inside solid cases that protect them, making them virtually indestructible. Maintenance and transportation damage is a thing of the past.Hera has been at the forefront of LED technology, with about 98% of our R&D going toward new LED concepts. Today we proudly offer you a complete, high quality line of LED solutions for unlimited applications. Our engineers will continue to develop innovative products incorporating the advantages LEDs have to offer.