Here are the frequently asked general questions about our lighting. Here we cover the basic information for our lighting systems.

Application and Installation

Can your drivers be hardwired?

Yes, in most applications, our drivers can be hardwired by a qualified licensed electrician to meet local electrical codes. This will ultimately be up to the approval of the local electrical inspector.

What dimming options do you offer?

We have 0/1-10V dimming systems and Triac dimmable lighting.

How do I determine which kelvin temperature I should use?

This would be a personal preference. Typical indoor incandescent lighting would be in the range of 2700K to 3000K. If you are wanting a bright daylight appearance, you would want 5000K or higher. Most indoor retail applications are 3500K to 4000K and some are 5000K. We would be glad to speak with you further about your application and help you select the best lighting solution for your project.

How many lights do I need for this application?

The quantity of lights will depend on the lighting effect you are trying to achieve and the size of your application. Someone from our team would be happy to discuss your application details and lighting requirements. We can tailor your preferences in most situations to provide a layout with a "good, better, best" lighting solution to fit multiple styles and budgets.

How do I install the Tape LED Light?

These flexible LED strips come with adhesive tape on the back that can be applied to a smooth clean surface.

Can I cut and splice the power cord on Hera spotlight?

Any modification on our products not specified in our installation instructions, to include cutting, splice, solder etc., will void your warranty and UL listing.

I have purchased Hera Tape LED, should I use your power cable with quick connector, or should I solder the power cable to the Tape?

Both solder or quick connector will work, but if you have a long run of tape LED, we recommend you solder the power cord to the tape. This will be the most robust connection.

Can I use a Hera LED spotlight in my car or boat?

Yes and No, the power source in a car or boat will not directly drive our LED spotlights. Currently all of our LED spotlights require 120Vac drivers to supply the regulated 24Vdc, 350CC, 500CC or 700CC power source for the LEDs and the battery in car or boat is 12Vdc source, so it will not work if you don’t have some kind interface. You can use an electronics safe inverter which converts 12Vdc to 120Vac and then use our drivers.

Product Specifications

What’s the suggested replacement for your discontinued halogen and fluorescent lights?

After replacement lamps are no longer available, we recommend retrofitting to the newer LED technology. This will result in significant maintenance and energy savings compared to the older lighting technology.

Do you offer replacement bulbs?

Yes, however many of these have been discontinued and will be available for a very limited time until the current stock is depleted.

How do you determine the length of the CStick power cord?

Depending on the client's order, the power cord will be cut a little longer than the client's desired size due to the fact that some of the length is internal to the extrusion assembly.  Because of the various cut lengths of the extrusion and tape combinations, the tape will not always end right at the edge of the end cap.

How do I know what length I can cut the Tape LED?

Depending on the Tape LED model, the cut length can change. Please notice the cut marks on your particular model. These are the only locations where the tapes can be cut without damage. Measure the length of your extrusion and select the Tape cut mark at the next smaller length. 

Are Hera fixtures food safe?

We have products that are NSF listed for food applications. These items are shown in our catalog with the UL EPH marking. 

Is any Hera fixture waterproof?

No, we don’t have any waterproof products.

Will my Hera spotlight work with a different driver I purchase from online?

Maybe, if the specification of the driver is same as Hera driver, then it should work.  However, since you are using a non-Hera driver, you will lose your warranty.

Your PSLED/DIM/S is a 18W driver, how many SR68 LED can be powered by this driver?

PSLED/DIM/S has two terminal blocks, each block independently outputs 9W to make the total output of 18W. The SR68-LED is 5.3W fixture, you can only connect one light to each 9W terminal block.

Do I still need a dimmer if I am using 96w dimmable driver?

Yes, you still need a dimmer that can provide 0-10 V signal to our 96W dimmable driver.  The driver is not dimmable on the 120Vac input.


Can you help me find a local rep or distributor?

Please call our office and a member of our sales team will be glad to assist. 1-800-336-4372, M-F 8:30am - 5pm

How do I contact technical support?

While you are at the installation site, you can call our office at 1-800-336-4372 and ask for technical support. In most cases, we will be able to help troubleshoot your system over the phone.

I need help with my lighting project. Who should I contact?

Please call our office and a member of our sales team will be glad to assist. 1-800-336-4372, M-F 8:30am - 5pm

How important is the RGA #?

That number is the link between the product shipment and its return information. This is necessary to manage the customers’ return in an efficient manner to ensure the returned goods are processed and dispositions performed accurately.