Can LEDs provide a consistent light color?

Consumer demand for LED lighting has pushed this technology to a state of becoming highly energy efficient while achieving increasing levels of light output. All manufacturers are constantly pursuing improvements in LED lighting performance. Hera Lighting is at the front of this movement with new and innovative LED luminaires. We strive to provide quality, durability and value with every product.

You may notice slight color variations of light between LED fixtures. This is normal. All manufacturers have this issue and Hera goes to great lengths to minimize this effect. The process we use is called Binning.

We purchase high quality LEDs from the best diode manufacturers and only accept few select Bin Codes. Because we cannot limit our production to only one Bin Code, we select our Warm White and Cool White Bin Codes with careful consideration to quality. Our Warm White range of Bin Codes is 2800K to 3800K, and the Cool White range is 3900K to 7000K. As we manufacture our LED luminaries, each product will have WW or CW and the Bin Code applied to the fixture and product packaging. We use our best effort to match Bin Codes but we cannot guarantee a perfect match or specific Bin Code availability. In order to minimize the color variation be sure to use the same Bin Code when possible. Keep in mind that within each bin code the Kelvin temperature range can vary from 200K to possibly 700K.

Much effort has been made to ensure you will receive the best color matching that LED technology will allow. If you think your lighting color variation is too great, please check that each fixture belongs to the same bin. If they do not then the color variation may be more noticeable. If you think the light is defective, return the fixture and we will test it. If we find there is a defect or the Kelvin temperature is out of range, we will replace your fixture free of charge. If we cannot find a defect or Kelvin temperature range problem, we will return the product to you and you will be charged for shipping.

HO-LED Bin Code markings on box and fixture


Hera has In-House Engineers to help support you with lighting layouts, UL standards and National Electric Codes.


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